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If You Found Yourself Here On My Page, YOU Are Meant To Be Here! A Coaching Relationship Is One-On-One, So You Will Be Working With Me To Assess And Work For Your Individual Needs. Coaching Appointments Are Conducted Via Video Conference Or Over The Phone, At Your Convenience, Scheduled Around Your Availability, No Matter Your Location.

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Numinous (ADJ) Having A Strong Religious Or Spiritual Quality; Indicating Or Suggesting The Presence Of A Divinity:

I Believe That Spirituality, In Whatever Form It May Take, Is A Very Important Component Of A Healthy Sense Of Self. My Coaching Philosophy Has Three Primary Components To Help Make Your Life And Self More Numinous:

Cultivating awareness

With an initial discovery session, we will determine what issues to address in our coaching sessions. This helps you quickly find and become aware of the root of your dissatisfaction. Ultimately, restoring balance to Mind, Body & Spirit.

Self-reflection & addressing your goals and obstacles:

We will formulate strategies to work towards the success you want,implement appropriate techniques to help you grow. This is the core of the process and how we discover the right path for your individual needs creating a unique strategy for your success.

Checking in on your progress and keeping up with your tools

Working for your development is both exciting and personally challenging. We can at times get distracted, and when that happens I will help keep you accountable and inspire you to keep going.

While striving to achieve your individual goals is paramount, we will also work to increase your self-awareness and give you a greater sense of calm and connection. This balance will bring you closer to your most significant spiritual self.

How it works

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One-Month Commitment $500

This package includes a 90 minute Skype intensive, during which we will delve into a further analysis of what the root of your concerns is. I will also give you tools to use in the following weeks. With personalized training on how you can continue your progress in the future. . Four one-hour sessions will allow you to continue your work, give us time for discussions on the process and encourage your progress. With trance hypnosis and other coaching tools fitted to what you need.


Two-Month Commitment $900

This package includes everything in the one-month commitment, with the inclusion of meditation and hypnosis, four additional one-hour sessions (for a total of eight one-hour sessions), and unlimited email support. I find this to be the most effective overall and many of my clients go on to address over concerns and continue working in the two or three-month coaching packages.


Three-Month Commitment $1350

This package includes everything in the two-month commitment, with the inclusion of meditation and hypnosis, twelve one-hour sessions and unlimited email support. This gives you the greatest amount of strategy for real change. This is the best cost option and gives the most flexibility.


Other Packages

I Have Three Primary Coaching Packages Available, Which Are Listed Below. I Also Offer Single Sessions For Immediate Help, All Sessions Are Customized To Your Individual Needs And Goals

Email Coaching 60$

If you would like my personal advice, email me at I ask for a 60$ donation as a courtesy for my time. Or If you want a private voice recorded response, I ask for a 75$ donation, as it takes longer.

Emergency Coaching 60 Minutes 170$

For new emergency clients, i keep a flat rate of 170$ If we are working together in one or another program and you need an emergency session I offer a discount. Up to 50% off.

Phone Coaching Session $150.00

Some of my clients find it useful to have the option to add a single session. For dealing with immediate issues in relationships or life and spirit. Get my help personally through an hour Skype/call coaching session. I will assist you in diving into your relationship issues and offer personal advice. This is my most popular and personal offering. Limited Availability.